David’s counseling process is rooted in up to date information on addiction and recovery methods which recognize addiction as a threefold illness affecting the body, mind and spirit. David and his client begin their work together with an assessment of the client’s strengths followed by an exploration of the negative consequences created by alcohol and drug use. Each area of the client’s life is explored in order to support the growing motivation for change.

Designed to maximize recovery, nutrition education with an emphasis on natural supplements is provided along with exercise and relaxation techniques to assist with healing.

Clients are encouraged to identify and express feelings in the safe environment of the counseling office. As coping skills are strengthened, participating in negative behaviors becomes undesirable. Potential relapse triggers are evaluated and assessed throughout the counseling process. As emotional health progresses the quality of life for the client improves.

The clients’ core values and personal spiritual beliefs are clarified to create a structured set of principals to live a healthy balanced life without the use of drugs and alcohol.

A referral to a psychiatrist, therapist or physician can be made based on the client’s need. A referral to an inpatient treatment program is facilitated if it becomes apparent a higher level of care is needed. Additional referrals include self help programs.