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Effective Outpatient Treatment for Adolescents

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Effective Outpatient Treatment for Adolescents by David Gust puts forth a program model for counselors and therapists working with adolescents experiencing alcohol and other drug-related problems. The book describes in a step-by-step format the procedures for treatment in an outpatient setting. Also included are assessment forms for client processing.   These same assessment forms are also available on compact disk for reproduction.

Here is what others say about Outpatient Treatment for Adolescents by David Gust:

"This is a treasure trove for any counselor entering the fray of adolescent substance abuse and addiction. The clinical assessment tools alone make this book an essential guide. There is no one in the country more experienced in this field than David Gust. We are fortunate that he is willing to share his expertise with us."

- Julia Ross, author of The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure, and Executive Director, Recovery Systems, Mill Valley, California

"This book provides practical guidance in working with adolescents with chemical use problems... I would heartily endorse this book to all those who work with adolescents."

- Mike Schiks, CEO, Minnesota Model Consulting, Inc, Bethel, Minnesota

"This book is a must-read for any professional dealing with chemical dependence. Seldom do we see a book that helps in all aspects of recovery. You will find a factual and caring approach that is necessary in treating the disease of addiction."

- John Brekke, CEO Wilderness Treatment Center, Marion, Montana

"In over 30 years working in the field of addiction education and treatment, I have yet to come across a finer, more concise book concerning adolescent treatment. David Gust has put together an excellent guide that is based, not on some theory, but on his own 25 years experience in this specialized and challenging field. At the Breining Institute we have used his text as required reading since the very first edition came out in 1994. We highly recommend this valuable text."

- Bernie Breining, Founder, Breining Institute, College for Addictive Studies, Orangevale, California

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How to Help Your Child Become Drug-Free

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How to Help Your Child Become Drug Free was written specifically for parents and caregivers by New Directions Counseling Associates counselors David Gust, Sheila Walker, and Jon Daily.  The book brings parents to an understanding that would directly help them support the treatment of their children.  The book lays out the stages of drug use and its rapid progression in young people from experimentation to addiction.  It explores parental, as well as societal, denial and enabling.  Parents will learn practical tools of setting limits to give their child the best opportunity to become drug free.  Finally, the book explores the child and the family in recovery, and how to make that change last.

Here is what others say about How to Help Your Child Become Drug Free by David Gust, Sheila Walker and Jon Daily:

“This fabulous book is very easy to understand and helpful in dealing with a very difficult problem.  Now, I have a book to hand to parents who are in this life-threatening struggle with their adolescent child.  This book is a gift to give with hope of understanding and recovery.  Thank you!  It will help me in my work as a high school counselor.”

- Joan Adams, School Counselor, San Juan Unified School District, Sacramento, California.

“As a child and adolescent psychiatrist for over 35 years, I have worked with many patients who suffer from psychiatric problems and co-existing drug abuse.  This excellent “How To” book offers tools for parents seeking direction in which steps to take to help their child and their families.  I would recommend this book to any parent with concerns about their child.”

- James A. Margolis, M.D., Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry

“This essential book for families in crisis gives hope by offering comprehensive and clear guidelines for parents who need help with their teens’ alcohol and other drug use.  Recovery for the whole family is possible.”

- Julia D. Lucas, Ph.D., Psychologist, Private Practice

“I would highly recommend this book to any parent who is questioning the changes in their child’s behavior.  This book will give you new insights into your child, yourself, and your family.  Knowledge is power!  I wish I had this resource years ago when I first had concerns.”

- Barbara Brown, parent.

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